From the student perspective, high quality placements can bring a range of benefits and positive impacts. There is strong evidence to suggest that placements and work experience are extremely valuable to students, both in terms of their academic performance and their employability skills. The design of the curriculum of IIC make our students competent enough to tackle any real time problems. IIC provides the opportunity to be involved in team­-based working, which provides a welcome contrast to the typically more individual­ centric approach taken to academic study. This kind of experience is beneficial, and builds on the self-­management and problem solving skills, with the ability to work collaboratively. The versatile curriculum of IIC helps students get a deep knowledge about the respective subjects with great exposure through well maintained labs as well as provide them with enough freedom to pursue their interests.

Here at IIC, the Annual technical Fest encourages the students to utilize their time productively in their field of technology and science. Time to time workshops are organised to help students in growing professional skills as well as updating them regarding modern developments and trends in technology.

Summer Training at IIC is a crucial part of the curriculum. It is a compulsory exercise in the month of june­-july. Students work on various projects based on web applications, IOT, Web portals, Maps etc. There is an ample amount of opportunities in the campus, but if interested, students can also look for internships at industrial level.


Informatics ‘ is the unique field concerned with information processing, development, education and research activities. IIC is unique in its own way. the courseware provides students sound knowledge of ICT tools, making them proficient in designing and developing ICT applications for government and private sectors.
 -Dr. Jagannath Das
 Ministry of Communication and Information Technology (Government of India)

IIC gives its students ample opportunities to explore new dimensions and mixes learning with experimentation. This gives IICians edge over the others.
-Saurabh Gupta

IIC provides in depth knowledge in Telecommunications, which sets, the institute apart from other similar courses.
-Vipula Bhatt


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Leading academicians and industry experts groom inquisitive, young minds for challenges ahead in the IT .


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