The expansion and modernisation of the Institute’s laboratories was the main impetus behind the construction of the heterogeneous operating environments, and there is little doubt that the 3 laboratories throughout the building represent a huge qualitative—not to mention quantitative—leap for science education on campus. In one swift move, the opening of separate Linux, Apple Mac, Network, Communication and PNS labs and departments propelled the University to the head of the class in terms of creating unparalleled learning environments for preparing future generations of scientists.

These laboratories are aimed to cater to major application development on various technologies, with latest software installed for development purposes. A Unique feature of the institute is that all these are managed and upgraded by students of IIC. Also, 24x7 access to them make students work as per their convenience and needs. IIC gives its students an extra edge by providing them with an opportunity to work on latest servers and get in touch with the real world of networking. IIC manages real time campus area network of the university of Delhi thereby giving its students an opportunity to explore and gain in-depth knowledge of networks. Further students are also encouraged to manage and maintain live servers. The infrastructure/datacenter at IIC boasts of latest cutting edge server technology which includes Sun StorEdge(48TB) / SL48 / SunFire X41710, Juniper M10i Routers, FortiGATE Firewalls, Dell R610 (8 Servers), Dell R815 (11 Servers), IBM System X3650, Cisco 3900, Cisco 6500, Cisco 2900 and Cisco Nexus 7000.