THINK out of the box” is recursively embedded in the minds of IICians so that they brainstorm themselves and bring out the best innovative and creative ideas. They are constantly finding groundbreaking measures to perform various tasks and solve problems.


Connecting is an integral part to give growth to an idea so teachers galvanize the thought process of students and “CONNECT” with them by regular discussions. Teachers provide insights to the ideas and plans brought up by the students helping them achieve realistic and practical solutions.


Most important thing is to “SHARE” the knowledge that you have gathered to provide furtherance of the ideas. This gives an extra edge to the Students. The industrial faculty share their personal experiences and shortcomings with the students preparing them to manage the life in the industry promptly. 

Welcome to IIC

IIC is the epitome of a new thought taking shape in the parlance of Informatics that combines software, telecommunications, networking and other areas with technology as a back bone to create a strategy of success in the realm of uncertainties. Established in 1997, IIC is today recognised among the leading institutions of the country and the best of its kind in the north-western region of India with its unique course, IIC is today a unique Institute in our country with extraordinary potential for development of indigenous technology and its engineering industries. IIC, affiliated to University of Delhi, has impressively grown in size and activities during the last years of its existence.
The Institute forms an amalgamation of graduate students with physics, Mathematics, Electronics, Computers background integrating into a wide spectrum of knowledge and skill ranging from the design of computer hardware, software systems, and telecommunications.

A mutual relationship is fostered between the faculty and students that allows the institute to move away from the conventional learning approach and includes not only classroom lectures but also tutorials, projects , assignments , seminars , presentations and ICT based learning. With an exemplary history behind it, IIC continues to produce achievers, with an incessant desire to succeed. At IIC, students are introduced to a variety of new fields and areas which need innovative discoveries and intensive research opportunities. Students are free to come up with ideas and work towards their project along with the going curriculum. The faculty supports and guides all the students individually according to their expertise. Nearly 500 young minds have left its portals so far, distinguishing themselves as proud IICians in diverse fields in our country and aboard.


The two-year post-graduate degree programme provides students theoretical knowledge and practical skills relating to computers, programming languages, graphics and multimedia applications, telecommunication systems, networking, and management of information systems. The students, after completing the two-year programme, are expected to attain a good background in conventional computer programming, and expertise in computers and telecommunication networks. To supplement the academic inputs, it is mandatory for all the students to undergo practical training (summer training / project) in house or in a business/ industrial/ research organisation, at the end of II or IV semester of the programme.

Innovative Eco System

Life @ IIC

Apr 6, 2017 |

A grand Tech-Fest in which participants of institutions from all over India are invited.

Feb 14, 2017 |
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Everything you want to know about Memristor, but afraid to ask !

Sep 23, 2016 |
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The lab schedule has been started.