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These research groups brings similar interests to focus on particular

areas of education research, develop projects, and share expertise.


On-Site Research Collaborators (RCs) include but are not limited to scientists, engineers, physicians and other scientific or health care providers who are engaged in research collaborations with the IIC Research Lab staff and are authorized by IIC to engage in scientific studies and investigations with the staff using IIC facilities.

Our Collaborators Introductory Video


Research Collaborators further collaborative research projects with IIC by interacting with Research Lab Program investigators and utilizing equipment and other resources located within IIC Lab facilities that are otherwise unavailable to or not easily accessible by them. Watch a quick collaborators video above of IIC Lab.

About our Research Collaborators

Research Collaborators cannot be financially compensated by the IIC for their collaborative efforts, but they may be recipients of extramural IIC grants and fellowships, and they may receive funds from commercial collaborators (for instance, as part of a Cooperative Research and Development Agreement [CRADA]) or other sources outside of IIC. Research Collaborators who are on Intergovernmental Personnel Act (IPA) agreements may receive funding from the IIC Research Program, consistent with IIC Policy for IPAs, as described in IIC Policy Manual.

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